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Starting in Summer 2019, I began offering Zillow 3D Home Tours as an affordable stand-alone service. Why have I chosen to partner with Zillow and become a certified Zillow 3D Home photographer for my clients? The answer is simple: the power of platform.

With 65% of buyers using the Zillow platform to look for their next home, and with 40 million unique users every month, the power of Zillow to put your property in front of the maximum number of potential buyers cannot be understated. Here are some more reasons to add a Zillow 3D Home tour to your listing: 

  • Zillow 3D Home Tours 7-day listing ‘boost’ in search results

  • 2X listing views

  • 15-30 minute capture time

  • No hosting fees

  • Unbranded tour link and embed code available for posting to MLS, Facebook, your website (like the example below)

  • Great marketing boost - your picture added to the tour with your name and image prominently displayed 










Exclusive Select Photography Status 

Every time a video/3D tour is added to a listing, a notification email is sent to potentially hundreds of buyers on Zillow & Trulia

– anyone with a saved search in that area and criteria 




Showcased on Zillow and Truila 

Rev up your listing on Zillow, the number one place home seekers go to find a new home!

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